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Mini Thermal Printer LMP201/MPT-II

The battery is low or there is no paper. Charge the battery or install new paper.

When the battery is fully charged, the red light will go off.

  • Charge your printer battery. When fully charged, the red light goes out.
  • Ensure you have paper in the printer.
  • Power on, light is green.
  • Turn on your phone, go to Settings.
  • Turn Bluetooth ON
  • Phone's Bluetooth should detect the Printer MPT-II. Code is 0000
  • Here is the video of how to do the Bluetooth pairing....

  1. Download and install the Driver POS58.exe
    2. Ensure that the Printer has paper and the battery is charged.
    3. Update PC Windows as necessary.
    4. Connect the Printer to PC by USB cable and turn the  Printer ON.
    5. In Control Panel, Devices & Printers... select POS58 Printer
    6. Already run Printer Troubleshooter... It has found no error or fixed errors. It has set POS58 Printer as Default Printer.
    7. Right click on POS58 Printer, click See What's Printing, click Printer, unclick Use Printer Offline
    8. Right click on POS58 Printer, click Printer Properties, click POS58 Printer, click Print Test Page

We recommend the following free POS apps for Android phones.

Loyverse POS

Kyte POS

  1. Turn off printer.
    2. Make sure there is paper in the printer and battery is charged.
    3. Press and hold on paper button, then press power on button as well
  2. The printer beeps and turn on green light and prints out self test

Video on how to do printer self-test:

Desktop Thermal Printer Z58B

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